Export of wines, spirits and food products from Georgia

Do you need to import goods from Georgia?

The company TIFLISGROUP will help you with this!

How often do you encounter a situation when manufacturers or suppliers of the goods you are interested in do not export, refuse to deliver the goods to you?

Do they offer dark collection schemes or cash payments?

They have overpriced products or double VAT?

Unreliable export department?

Forget it! Take care of your core business, we will take care of you, we will take over all the export processes.

Our company has been delivering to the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, South and North America, Africa.

We are exporters of more than 50 Georgian enterprises in various fields of food products and beverage production.

The company TIFLISGROUP employs qualified specialists in the field of foreign economic activity and logistics, in our heritage there are a large number of completed projects.

Benefits of working with TIFLISGROUP:

  • Favorable financial conditions
  • We have no hidden fees for services
  • Calculations are made as transparently as possible.
  • Implementation of constant purchases of the products you need in Georgia through one reliable company.
  • Saving time on the selection of suppliers, logistics.
  • You can independently discuss with a manufacturer or supplier the range of goods, their quality, prices, as well as other points of interest to you.
  • Checking suppliers for reliability.
  • Representation of your interests on the territory of Georgia, including courts of general jurisdiction.
  • The minimum terms for paperwork and certification.
  • An extensive database of manufacturers and suppliers of foods and drinks.
  • Qualified specialists in the field of foreign economic activity and logistics.

The procedure for conducting an export transaction for foreign companies with the participation of TIFLISGROUP:

You fill out and send us an application by e-mail or through the website.
We conclude an agreement with the Supplier and receive an invoice for payment.
We conclude a foreign trade contract with you and issue you an invoice with 0% VAT.
You provide us with payment per invoice.
We pay the supplier the full price including VAT 20%.
The supplier provides us with shipment of goods.
We are preparing all the necessary customs documents, certificates and send the goods to your requested destination.